Sunday, 5 July 2015

June Beauty Favourites

I thought for my first post, I will share with you all my beauty favorites. I have got a variety of skincare,  and hair care to share. 

As June is the start of summer, I find that my face can look quite dull, so I picked up the body shop vitamin C glow boost moisturizer. I wanted a facial cream that will give my skin a nice glow and radiance, this product gave me that and I love it.

Next up is the Lush Ocean salt face and body scrub, I have been looking for a face scrub that will leave my face feeling moisturized and clean. This product gave me that, the sea salt and lime work or the cleansing and the avocado butter soften my skin and made it a dream to apply.

Up next is the body shop Banana shampoo and conditioner, i love these products omg! they made my hair super soft with sheen and shine. I have decided that will be my go to hair care routine, I am the in love with it.

And finally, a brand I've been trying out is Clinique, I pick up the body butter, custom repair serum and the rinse-off foaming cleanser mousse. The body butter is so moisturizing, that can still feel the moisture after a few showers. I find that is wasn't too heavy which is perfect for the summer heat. It will last me a while and it is a large packaging. I have really tried the serum and the cleansing mousse, as I have been using the Lush scrub and vitamin C cream in the day. I have been using the serum as a night cream.
That's it for my beauty favourites this month.
What have been your personal favourites so far?
Benita xx