Saturday, 22 August 2015


 Phi Phi Island
A few months back, me and some of my friends took a trip to Thailand. We visited Bangkok and Phuket, it was an amazing experience we wanted a getaway where we could soak up some sun, enjoy some delicious fresh seafood and just unwind a little. I know its a few months late but I thought i would share my pictures. Be warned there are a lot of pictures, and they are random.

 We didn't do the whole backpacker thing, we stay in hotels instead. we managed to stay 3 nights in Bangkok and 3 nights in Phuket. We did the temple and night life in Bangkok and a chilled out island hopping in Phuket.

 Phi Phi Island

 Floral Kitty (lol) somewhere in Bangkok

 Big Buda in Phuket

 Elephant Ride in Phuket

 We got some massages, omg1 it was bliss!

 The street of Bangkok at night!

 View of our hotel in Bangkok!

Have you been to Thailand? Would you like to visit? Where's your favorite holiday destination?
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Benita xx